Want to Save Money When Grocery Shopping? Here is How You Can

One of our bigger monthly expenses is food, cleaning supplies and other essentials and depending on your living arrangements, you may find that you have to buy these items on a regular basis. This means you end up spending a large amount of cash every time you go to the grocery store. 

However, there are ways that you are able to save money whilst you are doing the grocery shopping. Here are some tips that will help you to spend less money every time you go food shopping. 

Don’t Go Hungry to the Store

This may sound odd, but have you ever thought that you might be spending more money especially on quick snacks when you are hungry?

One way that you are able to avoid temptation and to only get what you actually need is to go grocery shopping on a full stomach and never head out to the grocery store when you are hungry. This can help you to avoid buying snacks and fast food. You can then save money and add a little more to your monthly budget. 

Keep Shopping to Once a Week

The majority of us will decide that we will go get groceries regularly, but a lot of us fall into the trap of taking extra trips to our favourite stores, especially when they are close by. This means that we end up buying extra items, sale items and food that we don’t actually need at that time. 

To avoid this trap and spending more money, you should try and only go to the shop once a week and have a plan in place. You will need to make a list of the things that you really need and not what you want. If you can stick to your once a week list, you might be able to save cash each month because you can skip those impulse buys that look tempting in the store. 

There are more tips that could help you to save money…

Plan Your Meals

You can plan ahead before you hit the shops by making a meal plan for the week and making a detailed list of the items you need. The list should include your drinks, any ingredients you may need or any pre-packaged meals you might want to have in advance. 

You will then have a handy list of everything that you need to get when you head to the supermarket and can avoid items that are more of a want than a need. 

Also, by having a plan in place beforehand of the things you need for the week, you can be more careful about what you purchase and buy the more affordable options or the options that are on special, which means you can save money. 

Look for Discounts

Many of our supermarkets will have free ‘shopper cards’ available and if your favourite store has one then you should get it. These shopper cards can give you access to further discounts on selected products and with some of them, you can earn points on your shop. These points can then later be changed to a cash voucher for the store, which means you can save money on another shop in the future. 

Have a Calculator Handy

If you get to the checkout and are surprised by the cost of your shopping, then a great way to watch your spending is to shop with a calculator or an app. 

You can add up the price of items as you place them into your trolley and you will then know what you will need to pay before you reach the till. This can also help you to stay on track and inline with your budget. 

You can use your calculator on your phone or you may find there is an app available for your store that can help you to tally up your purchases. For instance, Pick n Pay and Woolworths have apps and you can make lists on the app before you head to the store so you know what you need to get and what it will cost.

It can be tough to save money, but we have to find ways to save, especially with items going up in price lately. Try these tips and you may find that you can spend less on your food shopping and stick to your budget. 

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