The Best Small Short-Term Loans for You

If you only need a little cash with easy repayment terms then we have found the best small short-term loans for you that will suit any purpose that you may have whether it’s just to tide you over, pay for something unexpected or anything else.

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Here are the best small short-term loans for you.


With Boodle you are able to get quick and easy loans of up to R4000. The process is simple. All you need to do is use their dial to select the amount that you wish to borrow and for how many days, which can be up to 32 days. This will show you the full repayment that you will need to make. Once you are happy, submit and fill in the simple application. Boodle will then verify your information before they offer you a loan to ensure that you don’t get into a financial pickle. Then you just wait for your loan to be paid to you. The majority of loans from Boodle are paid out within 10 minutes. 

Simple, easy and quick short-term loans for you with Boodle. If you would like to apply, just Click Here. 


With Wonga, you are able to borrow up to R4000 as a new customer and existing customers can borrow up to R8000. Repayment terms are flexible with up to 6 months to repay. All the information that you need including the interest and your repayment amount can be seen clearly, so there are no hidden fees that you need to worry about. Once you have chosen your amount and your period of time you want to borrow the money for, then just fill in the application, wait for your approval and your loan is transferred directly into your bank account. 

If you are looking for a short-term loan that works for you then apply with Wonga by Clicking Here.


You can get small, hassle-free loans from Dunami. Take a loan from R1000 to R5000 with a fixed 6-month repayment period with a max APR of 212%. Their loan application is web and mobile enabled, which means you are able to apply anytime and anywhere. You will receive a fast and instant onscreen decision and the money is transferred directly into your bank account. There are no meetings, phone calls or paperwork, making Dunami loans hassle-free. 

If you are looking for hassle-free loans with instant approval, then apply with Dunami by Clicking Here.

These are the best short-term loans that you can get right now and with their easy applications, you can get the loan you need. Keep in mind that you should only take a loan if you are able to afford it and repay it on time, so that you can avoid falling into a bad financial situation.